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Setting a Culture of Development and Person-Centered Care

Our values and culture of development and person-centered care don’t exist by accident. They were put into place intentionally, and are exemplified every day by our management team.  Learn more about Vertis Therapy’s management team and the roles they play in our organization.

Jeff Clayton, PT- CEO

Jeff is the CEO of Vertis Therapy. He also serves as Vice President of Creative Health Solutions in addition to his role as CEO. Before founding Vertis Therapy, Jeff worked as a district manager, director of operations, regional manager, and treating clinician. Jeff’s dedication to and personal interest in clinical development brought him to these companies, where he felt the environment was conducive to creating an organization that specialized in continuing education for the therapy team.

Jeff believes that in order to do what’s best for our residents, we have to create strong clinicians. He is dedicated to delivering a strong clinical product according to the highest professional standards in accordance with reimbursement guidelines.

Jeff and his wife, Kara, have four children.

P.J. Rhoades, PT, DPT, MS, CHC- Director of Corporate Compliance and Denials

P.J. has previously served in regional and national roles as a clinical educator specializing in cardiopulmonary, neurological and geriatric rehabilitation. She is also a former adjunct faculty member at the University of Indianapolis. Her family includes a son and daughter and she enjoys most outdoor activities.

Paul Riccio- VP of Finance and Development

Paul has a background in finance and sales operations, having worked as a financial advisor, sales trainer, and consultant before coming to Vertis Therapy. Being familiar with the healthcare industry but frustrated with the culture and operations of many organizations, Paul sought a company with commitment to its employees and an operational model which enabled quality of care. This culture and model, along with their commitment to elders and person-centered care, brought Paul to the company in 2012. Paul is married to his wife, Alison, and they live in Noblesville, Indiana.

Marcia Barnard- Business Manager

Marcia has a B.S. in Business Administration. She has worked in the healthcare industry for 18+ years as a Business Office Manager, Assistant Business Office Manager and Executive Assistant. Her family includes her husband, Jason, and three children.

Dustin Bland- Human Resources Manager

Born and raised in Madison County, Dustin attended Indiana University and Harrison College, where he graduated with a degree in Human Resources Management. He’s been actively working in Human Resources since and specialized in many different areas within the field. Benefits, onboarding, license verifications, investigations, personnel and team member communications are his main areas of focus.